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Salsa LimÓn Story

My baby sister Rosalia and I (Milo) are the founders and owners of Salsa Limón, which we nicknamed Salsita. Like our mom, we were born and raised in Oaxaca, surrounded by the deepest traditions of southern Mexico. Dad’s side came from Tamaulipas and the southern U.S. border. This resulted in a pan-regional Mexican family table. Homemade flour and corn tortillas were present depending on the region of origin. Black beans and pinto beans both equally loved. With one constant thing always present: spicy salsas – the hotter the better. 

Like every other kid in the world that got bullied growing up, we loved the Karate Kid, and our mom decided to start us in martial arts. She would reward our hard work by taking us to the most delicious street taco stand after class. Run by people from Mexico City, their focus was on braised and roasted beef head tacos. Eyeball, brains, tongue, cheek, and sizzling tripita (street taco classics) were such phenomenal treats; they kept us practicing martial arts for many years! When we moved to the U.S., we lost access to those tacos.

Many years passed, but my soul never lost the need for tacos de cabeza. I had to find a taqueria to which I could give my loyalty and love. Sadly, I couldn’t find one.  There was always something that shattered my experience: salsas not spicy, tortillas too oily, tables not clean, low quality proteins. This sparked the dream of opening a taqueria with everything. I would call it Salsa Limón, tacos con todo.

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In 2005, opportunity came knocking after Rosalia and I wrote a business plan and shared the idea. Salsita opened its doors in 2006, set in the middle of Mexican Town, Fort Worth. After learning the business and establishing a robust Mexican following, Salsa Limón went through some hard times due to the 2008 Great Recession. After more sacrifice than you can imagine, we launched our food truck in 2010, and luckily it was a massive hit! It allowed us to continue to open more neighborhood taquerias. Today we have multiple locations in the DFW area and are gearing up to open many more in Texas and beyond.


Over all these years, our business has grown not just in size but in scope. We are committed to improving our society. A major focus is supporting women of color through our business model. Promoting from within and teaching business for transformational development, as well as sponsoring scholarships for Latina women in college. We are also massive supporters of the arts and culture rich undertakings. From the cool walkable streets of Fort Worth’s Southside, to moving historic buildings, our company is always up to good fun.

Salsita is very fortunate to have a vast family. It includes our team, clients, vendors, and the neighborhood at large. Our family rules are very simple, pamper the hell out of everyone, always. When we say everyone, we mean everyone (even the kids!) Salsita understands the power of delicious sizzling spicy food, and pampering in ways that brings joy to the soul.

Here are a few words that will put us into context; fresh everything, hot food, melted cheese, cold beer, traditional aguas frescas, quality ingredients, kick ass taco classics, stiff real lime margaritas, spicy variety of hand crafted salsas with unforgettable twangs, warm smiles, friendly people, perfectly cooked sizzling pastor straight from el trompo, laughter, patios, convenience, great affordable prices, awarded winning burritos, must eat before you die tacos, authentic tacos de tripita dorada, catchy cumbias, all wrapped in thoughtful cozy ambiance, with total mindfulness for the biggest member of our family: our gorgeous planet Earth. In essence we are a “Mexican Grade Mexican” kinda place. Please join us and let’s have some world class tacos today!

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