Salsa Limón loves to cater. Be it an office party, wedding, anniversary, high school reunion, divorce party, quinceañera, to a random let’s party moment. You name it, if we can, we will be there. For all your catering needs please contact us at

Large Pickup or Delivery Orders

What is it? Torta platter for the office, burritothon for the tailgate, tacos and capis for the dinner party? Hey we got you. Large pickup or delivery orders are welcomed, please give us 4 hours notice for pick up, and 24 hours notice for deliveries by calling ahead of time to the store nearest you (phone numbers at bottom of page).

Salsita Fiestas and Catering Options

Food trucks

The full pampering! Your own truck

Taco Live Service

We take the taqueria to you

Taco Bar

Build your own custom buffet -- office/private catering. Be an office hero with a build-your-own taco bar.

Individual box lunch

Chips, salsa, and a treat -tacos * -burritos- -quesadilla -bowl

Family-Style Packs

The perfect way to score a touchdown at your next tailgate. Burrito box Taco box Quesadilla box


Imagine having a private or semi-private event at Salsa Limón.

locations distrito


The perfect place for your next garden party. Fully equipped with a taquería, bar, piñatas, and other fun activities the whole family will absolutely love.

locations museo


Artsy and with a perfect overview of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth -- but the kicker is how much fun you’ll have at Museo’s massive bar. Perfect for dance parties, university/arts events, and so much more, and with more than enough space for you to party your ass off safely and responsibly.

locations maggie


Maggie offers a diverse neighborhood backdrop and a family vibe that’s the perfect place for your next Instagram photoshoot.

locations fdm


Nestled right in the heart of the city, FDM provides an authentic Dallas experience, and is the perfect space to spend your night out on the town.

locations central


Ideally located in downtown Fort Worth, large modern space with plenty of seating. Large bar, ideal for any size party.

locations lupita


Centrally located in Austin with an incredible Mexico City vibe. Large bar with a fantastic outdoor seating area.